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We're Moving!

The Bourdon Family is moving to the Indianapolis area in August of 2022. 

RMKF will be focusing on high-quality Kung Fu and Tai Chi training throughout the summer, to be offered in sessions, as our parting gift to the wonderful Boulder community. 

This means that both current students and those who have never trained will be able to sign up for Summer Kung Fu training sessions with varied themes each week. 

Please see the summer schedule below!

Way of the Peaceful Mind

At RMKF we teach both youth and adults, and we strive to create a school where everyone can reach their fullest potential through personal growth in a safe and fun environment.

A Kung Fu student at Rocky Mountain Kung Fu will train both traditional techniques and forms alongside practical and powerful self-defense.  

Expert Instruction

Rocky Mountain Kung is owned by Master Beau Bourdon, an expert teacher with a passion for inner personal growth and integrity.  He is known for teaching students that “discipline” is not a bad word.  Master Beau brings fun and joy to all of his classes and camps while encompassing the whole art of Martial Arts.

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The RMKF Approach to Martial Arts

Kung Fu classes at Rocky Mountain Kung Fu are designed to be fun and immersive!

We give particular emphasis to promoting an environment where every student, both young and old, can learn and grow at their own pace. We use our training as a means to bring out the best in ourselves and each other.

An Ancient Practice in the Modern World

There are many different styles of Kung Fu. 

Our Way of the Peaceful Mind system is a blend of classical styles that traces the roots of its family tree all the way back to the original Shaolin Temple and Wudang Mountains. 

Our students learn powerful tools for self-protection all the way from anti-bullying techniques to life-saving maneuvers.

Leadership Development

Many young students have grown up in our leadership training program and have become paid staff for our Zen Kids Ninja Academy. 

Becoming a camp counselor at Ninja Camp is so much more than helping children have a fun time.  It is an enriching experience for developing life-long leadership skills.

Kung Fu Classes are offered Outdoors in our Training Yard during pleasant weather!



PANDAS (Ages 4-6)
















Whether brand new to Martial Arts or a Seasoned Black belt, all are welcome to sign up for these Summer Sessions.

Each week is themed and will focus on essential Kung Fu training. 

To receive a discount on summer training, you can sign up for the entire session (which is per-week). 

If you know you can’t make a whole week but would like to drop in when available, then sign up for Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG).


Pulled from more complex Old Temple Forms, these short series of movements are usually defensive in nature and form the core of our Kung Fu training. 

When applied correctly these short series of movements are remarkably effective in Self-Defense and define the Way of the Peaceful Mind as a ‘Trapping Style’.  
We will study several techniques in detailed practice during each class and learn how to apply them with  partners.  Students will also be encouraged during this time to discover their favorite or Pocket Techniques, and to practice them to the point that they become automatic.  
Experienced students can get all their moves dusted off, and deepen their understanding of them by sharing their knowledge with our beginners.
Whether you want to dig into the forms and how to properly wield Kung Fu weaponry, or learn how to defend yourself against a knife-wielding attacker, this is the week for you.  
Each day we will devote time to studying the Longsword and Jo Staff forms as well as applications of the moves within them. (The Panda class will be very age-appropriate).

Students will get the opportunity to work with a great variety of Martial Arts weapons to help them discover their ‘Weapon of Choice’ or what they gravitate to most naturally. 
We will also be discussing and practicing with what Master Beau likes to call ‘WOO’ (Weapons of Opportunity), because we don’t usually carry a sword around with us.  
Hint:  Don’t forget your towel.

In this week students will get up close and personal with the wide variety of close combat techniques that our style teaches.  This will include escapes, reversals, throws, takedowns, ground fighting and gun/knife defense and disarms.  Of course we will also be working a lot on how to fall without injury and getting back up efficiently. 

It’s time to dig deeper into the art that is called the Grand Ultimate Fist (Tai Chi Chuan).  Students will practice many exercises together but will also receive lots of personal attention, because we all progress through at our own pace.  Students will also get the opportunity to sharpen their swordsmanship skills through study of the Tai Chi Longsword Form, and even a bit of light fencing.   We will learn to apply the movements of the Yang Style Long Form and practice plenty of them during Push Hands with our partners.

Because there’s just too much Tai Chi to cram it all into one week.  Students will have the opportunity to “wrap up” forms that they’ve been studying, as well as studying applications of the movements in the forms.   We will also spend more time on Chi Gung and meditation exercises, because we should focus as much on internal training as we do on external. 


In this week we will focus on real world self defense.  When faced with a dangerous situation our Kung Fu should be swift, precise and almost automatic.  We will learn simple self defense principles, rather than long chains of movements that can be hard to remember.   We’ll study what to do if we’re on the ground, and how to get back up safely.  Students will learn about simple yet effective self defense tools, and how to use them correctly.  We will also study a variety of weapon defenses and disarming maneuvers.  


This is it folks, our final week will be devoted to the classical forms of our Kung Fu system.  Students will receive a lot of personal coaching to either learn new forms, or to put a nice polish on their old ones.  We’ll dig deep into the application of the movements of the forms and work on them with partners.   Students will learn how to express themselves through their Kung Fu and make it their own.  This is where we find the true heart of the art. 

We are an inclusive community, and we strive to accept all individuals, both child and adult, as they are.

We respect pronoun choices and do not discriminate.

If you or your child have special needs, please call us before registration: 720-775-2839. 

We want to work with you, be here for you, and talk with you to create the best possible environment for everyone.

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Days until the next Ninja Camp!

Meet the Bourdon Family

Not only a 4th degree black belt, Master Beau is also the kindest and most unbelievably talented teacher!  Owner of Rocky Mountain Kung Fu, Beau brings fun and innovative activities to every single camp and Kung Fu class.  When running camps, he focuses especially on safe and fun ninja weapons training, stealth and coordination skills and the way of the inner warrior.  

Master Beau works alongside his ultimate sidekick and wife, Elizabeth Bourdon, to bring safe and fun ninja opportunities throughout the year.  They have an 8 year old, who aspires to join the family ninja way (and who you will probably see monkeying around).

The entire family trains Kung Fu and enjoys teaching others!