Epic Summer Camps at Affordable Prices!


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  • Step 2: Log In to your kid’s account

  • Step 3: Set up payment method within your kid’s account

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As of June 23, 2022 we are offering five spots per camp at a discounted rate of $50, no questions asked.

This is our way of saying THANK YOU for being a part of this amazing Boulder County community and giving Master Beau a wonderful last summer with you!

Now including Wet & Wild WEDNESDAYS during Summer Ninja Camps!

Campers get to train on our timber NINJA SCAPE!

Our wooden outdoor obstacle course gives campers whole new challenges and thrills. From climbing challenges to vaults and swinging obstacles, kids will build extra confidence, strength and coordination skills. We are excited to provide unique experiences in a safe environment!

Does your child want to be a Ninja?

Campers learn REAL ninja skills from experienced Martial Artists, including: agility, stealth and hand-eye coordination. There is a major emphasis on teamwork and social skills.  In addition to amazing ninja games, camp is packed full of clever, mindful and fun art projects such as origami & sensory crafts.

Did you know that Ninjas meditate?

To gain access to the hidden wisdom & calm mind of the true ninja, our campers practice meditation & breath work to obtain inner peace. 

Master Beau leads campers through guided meditations to learn the art of forgiveness, inner strength, connectivity and courage.


Ninja Camps give kids the opportunity to learn unique ninja skills in a fun and safe environment.

Our ninjas will get wet and wild outside in Rocky Mountain Kung Fu’s training field as they safely train on real ninja weapons!  

There will be a wide selection of advanced ninja gear to try out during camp, and each one will be available for purchase: sai, long sword, tai chi sword, bow & arrow, staff, nun chucks, tonfa, kama, katana, etc.

Summer 2022 will include hours of fun with:


JUNE 6 • JUNE 13 • JUNE 20 • JUNE 27 • JULY 11 • JULY 18 • JULY 25
$ 300 LIMITED OFFER: $300 per camp (discount to be applied once registration comes in)
  • M-F, 9am-3pm, Ages 6-12 (with flexibility on age)
  • Sibling Discount: $25 off each additional child

Campers learn the 7 Ninja Creeds while they expand their skills

Dignity • Honor • Sincerity • Loyalty • Benevolence • Respect • Kindness


We are an inclusive community, and we strive to accept all children as they are. We honor preferred pronouns and do not discriminate.

Special Needs and Neurodiversity

We are not always automatically staffed for particular special needs. If your child is neuro-divergent (not including ADD & ADHD), please call us before registration: 720-775-2839.  We want to work with you and be here for you as best we can, talking with you to determine our capabilities for safely including your child. Occasionally we may need to hire an additional special-needs staff member to accommodate a special ninja.

Master Beau: Not only the ultimate ninja 4th degree black belt, he is also the kindest and most unbelievably talented teacher!  Owner of Rocky Mountain Kung Fu, Beau brings fun and innovative activities to every single camp.  He focuses especially on safe and fun ninja weapons training, stealth and coordination skills and the way of the inner warrior.  

Master Beau works alongside his ultimate sidekick and wife, Elizabeth Bourdon, to bring safe and fun ninja opportunities throughout the year.  They have an 8 year old who aspires to join the family ninja way.

Ninja Camp Staff are a combination of our trained & qualified counselors and advanced Kung Fu students who have gone through our leadership training, as well as long-time camp veterans who are a CIT (counselor in training). We work diligently to provide safe and quality care for your children while they are taking part in our camps.

Our Camp Site Director is the amazing Perrin Ahlers. Perrin is an excellent director and staff supervisor. She ensures a smooth camp operation and enforces all of our safe-camp policies (as listed below ↓)

↓ IMPORTANT Parent Information ↓

ARRIVAL at the RMKF Ninja Training Field

INTRO to camp for the day, review Ninja Creeds, Meditation


  • Sword Form Lesson with Master Beau
  • Indoor craft
  • Outdoor Wooden Ninja Scape Obstacle Course

LUNCH outside in the shade (or indoors and distanced in the event of inclement weather)

Kung Fu Panda Lessons with Master Beau


  • Ninja Games and Ninja Scape Obstacle Course
  • Water Play
  • Indoor Kung Fu training with Master Beau

CLEAN UP & group games with Master Beau

  • Campers need to bring a sack lunch & snack (that will not be refrigerated). 
  • Please pack a water bottle with your child’s name clearly labeled.
  • Please bring a towel and an extra change of clothes per camper (not necessary for winter camp).
  • Doors open at 8:45am in the Summer and 9:45am in the Winter and Spring.
  • Pick up is 3pm sharp.  There is a $2 per minute late fee that will be charged to your account for pick-up time past 3:15pm.
  • In the Spring and Summer, please either pre-apply sunscreen to your child, or you may allow our staff to apply our Alba Botanica sunscreen upon arrival. We will re-apply sunscreen at lunch. (With written notification, your child may be exempt from sunscreen).
  • Please have campers arrive in clothing that can get wet (in the Spring and Summer) AND dirty (year round).
  • In the winter, please have campers arrive with attire appropriate to the weather conditions that day.
  • Please bring shoes that are easy to run in and that can also get wet (or can be worn in the snow). Flip flops are highly discouraged. Gym shoes, athletic sandals, & water shoes are preferred.
  • Veterans may bring former ninja gear with them and may leave them at camp until Friday if they choose.
  • IN THE SUMMER ONLY, First-time campers will take home their beginner ninja sword on Friday.
  • Advanced ninja gear may be purchased on site at RMKF at the end of each camp week: sai, long sword, tai chi sword, staff, nun chucks, tonfa, kama, katana, and more.

***Protocol may adjust according to ever-changing COVID conditions. We will notify all registered parents with any changes that may occur. 

  • Campers will stay in small groups.
  • In the summer, outdoor “home base stations” are set up for each small group, complete with shade and water re-fill.
  • In the winter and spring, campers will participate both indoors and outdoors equally, weather permitting. Campers will stay within their small groups.
  • Campers will have their temperature taken at the start of each day.
  • Hand washing and/or Hand Sanitation will occur at the start of each day, at lunch time and before & after touching all equipment.
  • Sanitation stations are set up throughout the facility.
  • All items used during camp will be sanitized after each use.
  • Campers and staff will be required to wear face coverings while indoors.
  • All staff are to be vaccinated.
  • It gets very hot in the afternoons during summer camp, and we bring in all campers after their lunch, remaining in small groups separated by walls, to cool off with viewings from Kung Fu Panda.
    • We use each viewing to illustrate the lessons we are teaching them.  It is not empty screen time, but rather a useful teaching tool.
  • In the event of lightening or extreme weather conditions, we will bring in all campers, separated by walls & engaging in calm, quiet activities within the small groups.

REFUNDS: We can offer a full refund if given at least a four-day notice to the start of camp. If not given a four-day notice, we can offer a $200 refund for a full week registration or a $30 refund for a drop-in day. It costs us 7% to process fees, which is roughly $25 per camp, which will be taken out of full refunds. 

Staff Commitment
The Decision to become a Zen Kids Ninja Academy staff member comes from a genuine desire to offer mentorship, guidance, and acceptance to our participants and their families. In order to be a Ninja Staff member you must be willing to make a commitment to be fully present, to give all participants your complete care and respect at all times and to uphold a strong level of integrity in all you do.

As a Ninja Staffer you may be privy to confidential information about our participants and/or their families. The sharing of this information concerning a camper should only occur within the ZKNA/RMKF staff circle. Under no circumstances should this personal information be discussed with anyone except persons fully authorized by staff. ZKNA/RMKF strives to create a safe environment for our members. This includes the sharing of photographs of children to social media platforms. Photos may only be shared after clearance from ZKNA Program Director, Elizabeth Bourdon. Indications that a camper is at risk of harming themselves, harming someone else or being harmed, you must immediately notify Ninja Camp Site Director, Perrin Ahlers.

As a leader you are first and foremost a role model to the members of ZKNA/RMKF. Children are always watching and listening. Please be aware that many impressions will be drawn from the way in which you act or react. These are character building years for young children, and we are here to guide them in a holistic development.

NonDiscrimination Code
Colorado Kung Fu dba Rocky Mountain Kung Fu does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, ancestry, age, marital status, genetic information, physical characteristics in admissions, access to, treatment, or employment in educational programs or activities.

Dress Code
While working you are expected to present a clean and comfortable appearance and to dress in accordance with the work you will be doing. Please remember that you will be setting an example to our participants through your appearance. Please do not wear any clothing that might seem inappropriate.

Things to remember:
• Be a friend
• Be yourself
• Be honest
• Be understanding, patient & COMPASSIONATE
• Be reliable and responsible and provide emotional support (even when a child was misbehaving)
***There is always a deeper reason for why a child is acting out***
• Show respect
• Be open minded and flexible

Responsibilities and Expectations of ZKNA/RMKF Staff
As a Ninja Camp staff member, you are responsible both to and for the well being of the children in our care.

● You are a leader, and as such, you are expected to give direction, redirection and hands-on support.
● You are expected to reach out to the Site Director, Perrin, if you are having personal difficulties (please do not send children or elevate your concerns to Master Beau).
○ You will be given one warning if caught on your phone in front of campers.
○ You will be dismissed if caught on your phone after one warning.
● Utilize discretion while speaking over the walkie talkie.
● Utilize discretion while sharing stories with campers.
● Accept campers for who they are, even the difficult ones.
● Come to camp prepared with your own food, water and anything you need to be successful for the day, including bringing your CLEAN mask.
● Allow campers to express their thoughts and feelings and hold space for them.
● Ensure a safe environment (physically, mentally & emotionally).
● Supervise your campers at all times.
○ Set clear boundaries and safety procedures for all camp equipment and landscaping, as taught in your training.
○ Communicate clearly and easily for kids to understand.
○ Consistently remind campers of the boundaries and safety procedures.
● Elevate a situation to Site Director, Perrin, if you have any questions or concerns or needs/issues that you can’t personally resolve.
○ Inform Perrin of any and all injuries and behavioral issues.
● Connect with other Staff members, giving gentle suggestions and support.
● Enforce drinking water ALL THE TIME, nonstop, without fail, constantly.
● Allow a camper to eat their snack if they are asking for food.

Do not allow campers to: play tag, play with counselor tools (such as walkie talkies), wonder out of sight, misuse ninja weapons or gear, go into the storage area, cross the parking lot without a staff member, share scary or inappropriate stories with other campers, share personal items such as food and water bottles.

Walkie Talkie Etiquette
● Be BRIEF and succinct
● Treat your walkie talkie like YOU are the one who bought it (you break, you buy)
● What to say over the walkie talkie when sharing an injury with Perrin:
○ “Perrin, Mild Injury in the __________ squad.”
○ “Perrin, Serious Injury in the _________ squad.”
○ “Perrin, 911 Injury in the ________ squad. Repeat 911. Switch to channel 12.”
■ After switching to channel 12, give a clear and brief description to Perrin of what
happened so that she can call 911.

Injury Protocol
● Clean ALL wounds immediately with peroxide and water.
● Cover any open wounds with a proper-sized bandaid and reapply/clean if it has become wet or dirty.
● Offer an ice pack for all bonks and bumps.
● NOTIFY PERRIN of all injuries, large or small, so that she can document for parents.
● Mild Injury example: twisted ankle but can walk around normally after a while, small scrape or cut
● Serious Injury example: dripping blood, twisted ankle and is not mobile
● 911 Injury example: unconsciousness, obvious broken bone, extreme loss of blood

Disciplinary Policies & Protocol
● Do not take a child’s behavior personally.
● Do not project or discuss your personal challenges onto a child when they are acting out.
● Ask questions and listen. Even if a child is clearly in the wrong, always give them space to share their side of a story.
○ Hearing a child out often moves them out of a state of dysregulation.
● Kindly share with campers how to be honest, have integrity over their choices, how to rise above, and how to make good choices when they are misbehaving.
○ If your efforts are not working, please radio for Perrin to handle the situation. BUT YOU MUST TRY FIRST if you are a counselor (not if you are a CIT).
● You have the authority to KINDLY remove a camp weapon if it is being mishandled, to give a child some quiet alone time (don’t call it “time out.”), to set boundaries and expectations, etc.
● Do not yell at a child. Master Beau and Elizabeth Bourdon are the only staff members with authority to raise their voices if necessary. You are to speak strongly and assertively, but with understanding, gentleness and compassion, even if a child is wildly out of hand.

Routine Protocols
● Sunblock upon arrival and again at lunch
● Hand sanitizer ALL THE TIME
● Water refill ALL THE TIME
● Tidy your home base and keep it ready to be bundled up in the event of a storm
● Remind campers to put their personal items back into their baskets
● Double check crash pads are properly underneath obstacle course structures before each use
● Make sure campers have their masks on their faces while indoors or if they are less than 6 feet from other campers outdoors (which is most of the time)
● Sanitize all surfaces that have been touched 

You must care about COVID to the same degree of concern as expressed by our most concerned parent, and any differing personal opinions are not a factor in the quality of COVID precaution you are to take. 

Weather Protocol
● Listen to Perrin! She will let you know what type of weather is coming.
● Lightning within 7 miles: per each group, one staff takes their small group inside with Beau while the other staff tends to outdoor gear.
● Extreme rain: wrap up all children’s belongings in tarp and stuff under trees, lead campers inside as quickly as you can.
● When coming indoors quickly due to weather: help campers remove shoes quickly, be sure they have a face covering, keep them separated from the other groups at all times for COVID safety

Emergency Protocol
● In the event of an active shooter
○ Department of Homeland Security protocol: “Run, Hide, Fight”
○ Over the walkie talkies, clearly say: “ACTIVE SHOOTER! ACTIVE SHOOTER!”
○ Gather all campers and RUN/HIDE. If indoors, hide as many as you can in the bathroom and
office, remaining as calm and quiet as possible.
○ Allow Master Beau to take action and “fight.”
● In the event of an intruder in our outdoor ninja training space
○ Without inciting fear in the children, let MASTER BEAU know over the walkie talkie.
○ “Master Beau, intruder in the yard. Master Beau, intruder in the yard.”
○ Remove campers calmly from the area of the intruder and keep them away.
○ Even if an intruder is harmless, please allow Master Beau to handle removing them from
the space.
● In the event of a fire indoors
○ Immediately exit through the front door, leaving behind all personal items.
○ Help all children to exit before you exit, and instruct them to crawl if there is heavy smoke.
○ Check the bathrooms, storage, office and all hidden areas for children.
○ Keep children calm and quiet, and head immediately to the training yard.

We can't wait to see you at NINJA CAMP!

Please reach out with any questions: info@rmkf.org or 720-775-2839
Select VISITOR at signup, then proceed to book the event your planning to attend.