Kung Fu Classes are currently being offered Outdoors in our Training Yard!

In the event of inclement weather, students may train indoors, distanced and masked, or have the option to stay home and train over Zoom alongside classmates who are training at the dojo.

All new students are welcome to free try-out classes. 

We encourage all students to feel comfortable with their experience prior to registration, and we do not lock students into



Kung Fu Classes

At RMKF we teach both youth and adults, and we strive to create a school where everyone can reach their fullest potential through personal growth in a safe and fun environment.

Our students train both traditional techniques and forms alongside practical and powerful self-defense through our Way of the Peaceful Mind style. 

Classes at RMKF are designed to be fun and immersive. We give particular emphasis to promoting an environment where every student, both young and old, can learn and grow at their own pace. We use our training as a means to bring out the best in ourselves and each other.

Students advance in belt rank as they are ready, and we train in practical self-defense through HapKiDo, instead of sparring and point-based competing. 

Hap Ki Do is the Korean art of joint manipulation, used in all of RMKF’s throws and takedowns. It is designed to use your opponent’s own energy against them, by using the other person’s body for leverage on holds, locks, takedowns, and throws.

The Way of the Peaceful Mind system teaches these techniques for self-defense situations, eliminating the need for bulky muscle mass and strength to defend yourself.

The smallest child can take down the largest man when properly using his own body against himself.

Kung Fu classes include three training sessions per week 

(listed below).

Students are encouraged to attend each class, however it is not required. 

Age ranges for each class are flexible and based on the student’s individual needs.

(Ages 4-6)



As Pandas progress in their training, they will the be invited to train on



(Ages 7-12)


4-5pm  OR  5:30-6:30pm



(Ages 13+)





Monthly Tuition

No Contracts, No Hassles!
$ 145 Monthly
  • Free Uniform
  • Unlimited Classes
  • Free Tai Chi Classes

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Try this Option if you can not attend regularly
$ 18-20 Per Class
  • Pandas: $20 Per Class
  • Tigers & Adults $18 Per Class

Discounts Applying to Prime Membership

RMKF has a one-time $40 registration fee ($25 for the second family member, $20 for any additional family members).

We do not hold students and parents to contracts. Rather, we require an email by the 25th of the month to put membership on hold, cancel membership or switch membership types: info@rmkf.org